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Scientific Databases and Tools


Literature Search Tools

Basic Tools

Macromolecular Characterization

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Restriction Enzymes

RNA Interference (RNAi)/Small Interfering RNA (siRNA)/Short Hairpin RNA (shRNA)


See also the Methods, Protocols and Techniques page.

General Nucleic Acid, Gene and Genomics Databases

For more species-specific genome and other databases, see the Model Organisms section of the Molecular and Cell Biology of Development page.

General Protein and Proteomics Databases

See also the the Macromolecular Structure Databases section of the Structural Biology page for protein structure databases (PDB, etc.) and the Protein Classes and Families section of the Proteins: Biogenesis to Degradation page for databases on specific protein families.

Macromolecular Structure Databases

Enzyme Databases (Collections of Enzyme Functional and Nomenclature Data)

Carbohydrate Databases

Lipid Databases

Chemical, Pharmacological and Small-Molecule Bioactivity Databases

Metabolic Pathway Databases (Data Collections on Metabolic Pathways)

Signal Transduction Databases (Data Collections on Regulatory Pathways)

Systems Biology Databases and Simulations

Microscope Image Galleries and Databases

Cell and Other Biological Repositories

Model Organisms

Other Biological Databases

Scientific Software

Statistical Information

English Language References

For an extensive collection of dictionaries, including scientific and medical, see Open Directory: Reference: Dictionaries.


Discussion Groups

See also the Discussion Groups section of the General Resources and Tutorials page.


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